Simple habits to start your day right

Winter is here, often leaving us a little miserable and unproductive as we struggle against the cold in our warm beds. Although, by the time the weekend comes, it's hard not to wonder where the days have gone and if we have done anything worthwhile!

Here are a few tips to start your morning off the right way, so you can make the most of your day!


Drink a cup of water (or two!)

Water is extremely underrated. Apart from the fact that we need it to literally live, drinking one or two cups of water just after you wake up will fire up your metabolism, keep you hydrated, flush out toxins and give your body the fuel to start your day. It may even help you eat less during these winter months!


Wake up earlier

It can be tricky to get out of the bed, even when you're supposed to, but getting up an hour earlier each morning will leave you ample time to plan your day ahead or to get a few chores out of the way. Waking up earlier will give you more time to prepare, leaving you feeling organised and productive.



Exercising in the morning gets your blood flowing and energetic for the day to come. It'll make you feel like you can tackle anything that the day can throw at you!

You don't have to hit the gym at four in the morning for a huge workout, but even just 15 minutes spent walking, squatting or doing an ab-routine in your bedroom is all that you need!


Eat a healthy brekky

Ditch the bacon and eggs for a juice or smoothie bowl (at least for a few days of the week). It'll kick-start your day with a whole bunch of necessary vitamins for your body and will leave you feeling refreshed for the day ahead.


Form a day-to-day routine

This is the most important tip of all. Forming a routine is extremely beneficial to your productivity and is so easy to begin implementing today!

Write down at least 3-5 things that you need to do each morning in a particular sequence and ensure that you do these things each and every morning just after you wake up, until it becomes a habit! These things could be anything from brushing your teeth, making up your bed or even spending 10 minutes learning a new language!

If you need any help with trying to find things to add to your daily routine, feel free to contact us!


Rejoice in your affirmations

Start your day with positive thoughts. Whether these are goals or things that you have achieved that you are immensely proud of, think about how happy these things had made you in the past and how excited you are about reaching your goals!



Plan your day

Schedule your plans into a calendar or diary. Even if it may just be a 10 minute walk in the morning or catching up with your bestie for a drink! Scheduling your day will make you feel organised, productive and will let you know exactly how much time you have throughout the day to work on what is important. Besides, it'll mean you won't forget plans and leave others unhappy! 

P.S. Remember to schedule in some time for yourself too!