Who is Fyre Skincare?

Fyre Skincare is a small start-up company based out of Perth, Western Australia.

We have spent months upon months researching the highest quality ingredients for troubled skin and are positive that we have created a line-up of formulas that will rid of your dry, irritated skin whilst leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised!


Why sugar?

Our sugar scrubs are one of a kind.

Apart from sugar being an exceptional exfoliator to scrub away those stubborn clogged pores, sugar has a naturally occurring glycolic acid which helps to protect the skin against toxins - leaving you refreshedclean and feeling brand new


What are the benefits of using your scrubs?

Besides the fact that our scrubs are exfoliating and create a smooth feel to your skin, the ingredients in our scrub aid in anti-aging, tightening of the skin and helps to treat acne, psoriasis, eczema & other skin conditions!


How long do your products last?

Depending on how often you scrub, you can expect our body scrubs to last 2-4 weeks of scrubbing twice weekly, whilst our lip scrubs will last you for over a month or two! However the shelf-life of our scrubs will last long after you have completely used them all up.


Are all of your products truly vegan?

 Absolutely! Check the ingredient list on each of our scrubs yourself!


When will my order ship?

 ALL orders will be dispatched within 24 hours of the order being placed. Orders placed early in the morning will be dispatched the same day. 


How long can I expect my order to arrive?

Standard Shipping - up to 7 business days

Express shipping - Between 2-3 business days